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Protect your Information

In the modern era, more and more of us are aware that what is said online is being monitored and could be used against them. People have to be aware that comments and remarks made online may cause trouble for themselves at a later date. A growing number of people are moving offline or are heavily censuring what content they provide online or on social media. With respect to improving personal safety, this is a sensible step, but it is important to consider that the online environment is not the only place they need to be cautious.

Many people have found that their words or actions in the real world have been used against them. Even when people thought they were alone or acting in a careful manner, they may later find that their actions or comments have been recorded. The use of bugging devices in the United Kingdom is on the rise and you may be surprised at the wide range of reasons people, firms and organisations are using these devices.

Virtually anyone can be a victim of bugging

It may be that you don't feel that you have much to worry about when it comes to being bugged, but bugging can provide invaluable information on a wide range of topics or aspects. There are recorded instances of information found by bugging being used with respect to domestic situations, when neighbour or family disputes occur, for theft, in the workplace to monitor staff, in the workplace as part of corporate espionage and many other matters. There are also many people at risk of these devices if they are being stalked or there is a voyeur operating in their local area. People in the public eye also have to be aware that their comments and whereabouts are of interest and there are more than enough stories about the lengths the media will go to in order to make a story.

Only specialist equipment can detect most bugs and devices

These instances indicate that virtually everyone could be a victim of eavesdropping or bugging at times, which means that there is a need for professional assistance. When trained security staff members are unable to spot the majority of highly technical and concealed devices used for bugging and monitoring purposes, there is a need to call in the specialists. Stop The Buggers is a bug sweeping specialist who can provide you with a comprehensive range of services that will ensure that your home or premises are free from bugs and monitoring equipment.

Bug sweeps are a highly effective way of examining your home or property and determining if any listening or recording devices are being used. Whether you have suspicions that you are being monitored or would like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property has been fully swept from bugs, it has never been easier to stay safe and undetected. No matter the reason you fear you may be being observed and monitored, you deserve the right to privacy and to be able to move freely without being bugged or monitored. If you would like the comfort and confidence that comes from knowing you operate in a bug-free environment, contact Stop The Buggers.

In the past

These two Scanlock's and Broom were manufactured by Audiotel International and purchased by us in the early 1990's. Audiotel were world leaders in innovation of countermeasures equipment, used alongside GPO test equipment and various other tools, we would have been well equipped for the job. Although kept in good working condition for demonstration purposes, the threat level has moved on quite considerably since those days and this kind of equipment has not been part of our up-to-date sweep equipment for many years.