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Who are the buggers?
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Reasons for having a counter-measures sweep

Who might be a target for an eavesdropper? Of course anyone could be and for any number of reasons but some are more likely than others depending on their occupation, company's market position, personal position, finances, domestic or relationship situation etc. Some likely business situations include, if you or your company:

There are many reasons why a company or its employees may be of interest to others (as with personal situations). Some likely situations include:

It should be noted that anybody with Money, Power, Influence, or access to sensitive, classified, or personal information is at risk. Some clients may not necessarily suspect themselves as being victims of eavesdropping, but for personal or business reasons they need to ensure that their workplace, home, vehicle and other personal spaces, are bug-free.

Please note we do not sell or hire out debugging equipment.

Could I be the victim of spying?

Consider it a possibility when:

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